I have worked intensively over several years drawing and creating the multiple elements of your complex and unique chart.
I've drawn each zodiac sign as a steampunk character. (I often go back and change details on these.) This means you have choices for your preferred Zodiac character options (e.g. male/female for some, facing inwards or outwards), plus whether you would like the inner wheel to be blue or bronze.
For the STEAMPUNK charts in particular I like to be in frequent contact with the client as there are so many variations possible and I really want people to get a piece of art that is not only personal to them but has their own input as well.
Choose your favourite style and at checkout you will be asked for the information I need to cast your chart. I will then be in touch with your customising options.
The Full Astrology pack also includes your personalised report - a detailed analysis of your character and how to make the best of your potential. (It's in Victorian fonts, naturally.)
As a qualified crystal healer I then choose the crystal that best suits YOU (not one assigned to all those born under a particular sign)
The whole set is then sent off safely packaged.