Greetings Cards
By The Steampunk Astrologer


As well as cabochons etc. I've designed greetings cards incorporating the steampunk characters drawn for the Steampunk Birth Charts.

From there I felt compelled by my steampunk brain to draw up the constellations as gears and cogs. I've also done geometric zodiac arrows and star constellations cards which are available direct from me. Click here to see them.

Shown below are two half sets. These and my other variations and designs are available directly by clicking here



Your cards will not have the watermark as shown here.

If you click on any of the images you will be directed to the page to be able to purchase the card.




By The Steampunk Astrologer


I'm designing unique fabrics using the images I create for my birth charts.  Here is my constellations fabric design. 

Do please CONTACT  me for more information.

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Design shown with digital fabric texture

Aquarius greetings card

Cancer greetings card

Capricorn greetings card

Pisces greetings card

Scorpio greetings card

Taurus greetings card

Aries Constellation

Gemini Constellation

Leo Constellation

Sagittarius Constellation

Virgo Constellation

Libra Constellation

Green fabric

Orange fabric


Red Fabric


Yellow fabric

Glyph fabric