Your chance to really personalise what will already be a unique piece of art! 

You will need a good old fashioned piece of paper and pen, or something to make your notes on.  Go through the choices listed below. Select your combination plus any add ons and make note of them to put in the order form.  I can't show a computer generation of how it will look as this is all done by hand, plus your own unique chart has to go in the centre of course!  With this service however, I can send you an image to be sure I understand and am putting together exactly what you want.

Here's one example - I'll add more when I get time to create them!

Step 1.  Choose your background - the titles will obviously NOT be on your finished chart!

If you send me your own background please make it either PNG or JPG and A4 size. My backgrounds are a minimum of 300dpi so somewhere around this will make a clear image. (This is making me sound almost computer literate!)

Step 2.  Choose your wheel/disc

Step 3.  Choose your character set - Blue or bronze.  If you want a combination let me know via the comments at checkout.

Also let me know whether you want male or female versions of Gemini and Virgo - both versions are shown here.

 The Stargate wheel/disc has the symbols for each sign as part of its design but a character set can be squeezed in between the outer ring and the chart itself if you like.



Step 4.  The Stargate wheel already has the zodiac glyphs on, but I add them to my other styles.


Would you like these, and if so, in silver or gold?

All images are copyright of the trademark The Steampunk Astrologer

Step 5.  And finally, would you like corner embellishments?

Nearly there! Two buttons to click here.

There is a little drop down menu for you to choose what size chart and whether ot not to have an accompanying report.  Click the one that's right for you.

Than click on the COMPLETE FORM button below that to be taken to the page where you can go to checkout to be asked for all your information. 

Here are the prices

A4 chart - £85

A3 chart - £100

A4 chart with report and crystal - £130

A3 chart with report and crystal - £145