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Create Your Own “Esoterics” Range Astrology Jewellery


Here are options for modalities (Cardinal, Fixed, Mutable) and elements (Fire, Earth, Air Water).  Combined, they give the unique information about your astrological sign.  If you want to combine one of these with another option from the Create Your Own ranges, just contact me and I will make a bespoke pendant for you.



Here you can create your own esoteric astrology jewellery.

A good number of people recognise the glyph (symbol) for their own zodiac sign and maybe a few others.

However, fewer people know the element and modality of their Sun/zodiac/horoscope sign. For more information about elements and  modalities click here.

Someone who understands elements and modalities can work out your astrological sign when s/he has these two pieces of information. The combination of your element and your modality gives unique qualities to each of the twelve zodiac signs.

You don’t HAVE to have both of these pieces of information on your pendant. You can contact me to let me know what you’d like from a combination of my 20mm globe choices and I will make a bespoke Astrology jewellery pendant for you.


Additional information

Colour of mount

Bronze, Silver colour, Gold colour

Element Gold Colour

Air, Earth, Fire, Water

Element Silver Colour

Air, Earth, Fire, Water

Modality Gold Colour

Cardinal, Fixed, Mutable

Modality Silver Colour

Cardinal, Fixed, Mutable


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