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Firefly Fairies Accessories


These 12 magical Firefly Fairies are available as a half globe flatback product – a pin badge, pendant, or flatback keyring/handbag charm.

OR…You can double the magic by having a globe product – either a pendant or a keyring/handbag charm.

Choose from Side 1 only for a half globe flatback product. Choose one image from Side 1, then another image from Side 2 for a globe product.

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Firefly Fairies Accessories had only been available to clients who met me while I was trading at fairs etc. However, here they are now for you to choose your own pendant, keyring/handbag charm or pin badge.

If you want a fairy as one side of a GLOBE PENDANT or as a GLOBE CHARM and an image from a different range on the other side then please contact me . I will make your bespoke product at the regular cost of these items. You can have two different fairies to make your globe charm if you like and this can be ordered using the drop down lists on this page. If you choose to have a globe pendant then the star bead will also be included.

Clicking here will take you to one of the pages with the globe designs.

Pendants/charms come in 3 colours of setting. Your flat back pendant comes complete with a matching chain. All Firefly Fairies Accessories are sent to you in a cotton or organza pouch.

There is a vast array of possibilities if you combine one of these images with something from another range or collection. It’s unlikely that you would ever meet anyone with the same as you if you were to opt for this.

I make these using a 20mm glass dome which is higher than regular cabochons (in order to form half a globe). Because of this the image really ‘pops’

Firefly Fairies design is available on a range of products. See them by clicking here



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Globe Keyring/Handbag Charm, Globe Pendant, Keyring/Handbag charm, Pin badge, Pendant

Colour of mount

Bronze, Silver colour, Gold colour

Side 1 - for a flatback product. For a globe product choose one from this list and one from Side 2 list

Style 1, Style 2, Style 3, Style 4, Style 5, Style 6, Style 7, Style 8, Style 9, Stryle 10, Stye 11, Style 12

Side 2 - for globe products only

Style 4, Style 1, Style 2, Style 3, Style 5, Style 6, Style 7, Style 8, Style 9, Style 10, Style 11, Style 12


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