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Red Gold and Green Nebula Pendant


Each piece of Astrology jewellery in this collection has a high dome 25mm diameter glass cabochon set in a plain mount.

The high dome magnifies the image and it appears almost 3D.

The pendant is available in the colours bronze, gold or silver and the mount can really change the appearance of the image.

You will receive your pendant in an organza bag which is then put in a padded envelope.

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This piece of Astrology jewellery is bursting with colour! Red, gold and green – sound familiar?

A photo of a real nebula in space – it has been enhanced (not by me) because our human eyes cannot easily pick up emissions such as infra red and untraviolet. Nebula and interstellar dust colours can be very bright and saturated. You can find read a detailed article on the colours of nebulae by clicking here.

I think this pendant is for wearing when you feel bright and bold. You will find something in the collection to fit almost every mood and emotion. Clicking here will take you to the collection.

The nebula here shown here as a straightforward pendant which is lovely on its own but the image can also be used as part of the “Design Your Own” ranges of jewellery. You can choose this image plus a second to make your own design globe. With the globe pendants the image is magnified and so looks a little more 3 dimensional. You get to choose two images to make your globe. The pendant shown here is flat backed, because it is designed to rest comfortably as you wear it, rather than moving around as the globe charm.

As with all the pendants in this range, you can choose the colour of your pendant mount. Different colours really make a difference to the appearance of the nebula image. I include a matching colour chain for you and your Nebula pendant is snuggled in a pouch before being posted to you.

The Astrology Jewellery Collection of space and nebulae doesn’t link particular pendants or images to a Zodiac sign. Some (like the Crav Nebula for Cancer) may fit well but it’s more about what image or images appeal to you.



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