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Your Own Design Gauge Cabochon (style 2)


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Your own design gauge cabochons – because, yes, there are a lot of gauges, steampunk and otherwise on the market. Many are cabochons rather than working gauges and are designed to be ornamental. Here is an opportunity for you to have a gauge that NO-ONE else will have!!

I have designed two styles of gauge cabochons for you to personalise. Please do note that these are NOT working gauges but are images under glass.

The cabochon is not in any setting. The back is painted with enamel paint to protect the image so you can glue it in whatever setting you choose.

With this style

You choose what words you want around the outside of the gauge. (There is a limit of 30 characters including spaces.)

Then choose whether or where you would like the red “danger zone.”

If you really want, I could even change the numbers (but only to different numbers, not words)

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What is a gauge? may give you some ideas for your own design gauge cabochon. It doesn’t have to be Steampunk style.

30mm is the smallest size to allow detail to be clear. If you want a smaller or a high dome cabochon making for you then please do contact me and I will see what I can do.

Additional information

Type of cabochon

Regular dome 30mm, Regular dome 40mm, Regular dome 50mm


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