Stargate Earth Astrology Chart and Pack

This chart, as you can no doubt tell, is inspired by the film Stargate. In the portal ring are the zodiac glyphs, symbols for Mutable, Fixed and Cardinal as well as symbols for the elements Earth, Air, Fire and Water. Around the outer rim the hieroglyphs represent the first four letters of each sign (well... except for Leo). Outside the portal I've drawn up the 12 constellations. As a chart is partly based on earthly co-ordinates I have placed our beautiful planet at the centre. This looks great printed on metallic photo paper - let me know if you'd prefer this.

Astrology is complex and Natal Charts are different for each person – so you will own a one off, unique piece of art drawn up specifically for you! For lovers and couples Stargate style chart go to


The print is giclée and the paper used is a natural soft textured off white 315gsm - which adds a depth and dimension to all types of images but is particularly suited to landscapes and portraiture. The paper is 100% acid free and ideal for colour images. Accredited by the Fine Art Trade Guild as of ‘Archival Quality’ it gives an image life of 85 + years


This is a minimum of 15 pages, with a lot of information on each page. The report analyses character and personality traits as well as strengths and challenging aspects. It covers different life areas such as home, partnerships, career etc.

Astrology (particularly a natal chart alone) does NOT tell your future. The Natal Chart is an in depth look at what makes a person who they are. The analysis allows a deeper level of self-understanding and awareness. It empowers you to face what could be challenging character traits, not to blame it on fate or the stars. For example, say a chart shows a predisposition to a quick hot temper. Awareness and acceptance of this gives choice of how to deal with it. Meditation, anger management, sports (depending on what other areas of your chart suggest) could manage inappropriate anger. Your report also helps you acknowledge, take pleasure in and use the many positive attributes your chart shows.

THE CRYSTAL (Full pack, single person only)

I’m also a qualified Crystal Healer and choose a crystal for you to either complement the strengths of your chart, or help with any potentially difficult areas. I take quite some time to choose your crystal, then cleanse it, dedicate and attune it to you and your needs. I send it to you in a protective pouch, and include a little information on how to care for it. Because I see crystals as individual characters, the crystal you receive may not be what you would associate with a particular trait or purpose but it is a crystal which combines well with YOUR unique energies.