I contacted Lelibeth to place a custom order from the United States. I ordered one of her Galaxy pendants as a birthday gift for my daughter. The pendants come in a lovely standard bezel setting, however, alloys have a tendency to irritate my daughter’s skin, so I requested it be set in Sterling Silver. Lelibeth went far beyond any expectations to source the setting, create the peice, and ensure tracking of the shipment. There are other galaxy pendants out there from other sources but all made in China or sourced from China. If you decide to purchase from one of those places, or some obscure seller on the web, GOOD LUCK ever seeing your money or your merchandise, 90% of them are scams. I won’t buy anything made in or sourced from China, as it is junk, poor quality, or a fraudulent merchant. That is why I chose the Steampunk Astrologer. When the peice arrived, it was absolutely perfect ! The packaging was excellent, the detail of the Galaxy and the Silver setting was superb, and is something my daughter will cherish; It is an Exquisite piece of jewelry. Lelibeth, literally helped me give my daughter the moon and stars ! I am honored to be her very first US order and I very highly recommend Lelibeths work, attention to detail, and craftsmanship in the making of a special piece for ANY customer ! Lelibeth kept in contact with me throughout the entire process and was prompt with status and extremely trustworthy. It did take some time (shipping due to Covid19), but absolutely worth the wait ! I got to know Lelibeth a bit through our correspondence and was also intrigued and impressed by her many other products, services, and talents when it comes to art, craftsmanship, knowledge of astronomy, crystals, zodiac, readings, charting, and reports. Rest assured, should you place an order with the Steampunk Astrologer, whether you be from England or any other country, your merchandise will be of the highest quality and your expectations will be surpassed ! Many thanks Lelibeth, I look forward to many more orders in the future. Best Regards Scott G. US Navy Ret. Florida USA

Scott G