The Steampunk Astrologer
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I’ve always enjoyed dressing up, but as I became a little more ‘grown up’ what I would have worn as a teenager just looked wrong. What to do?? Enter STEAMPUNK! What a jolly splendid group of people! Eclectic and inclusive – perfect.

But how to combine a love of steampunk with a love of astrology? Well, I can’t sew or create fabulous costumes, but I CAN cast a birth chart, and create it as a OOAK work of art.

So Sumptuous Steampunk Astrology Packs came into being!

I’ve been interested in astrology since childhood and learned to cast a birth chart while in my twenties.  My career, first as a teacher, then as a complementary therapist, took me away from astrology, but I found myself drawn to return to it. 

I have since studied with the Mayo School of Astrology - gaining my certificate with a distinction.

My work on the pictures for the birth charts is an organic process, with ideas often waking me in the very early hours of the morning! I have spent many hours changing details on my characters and the chart backgounds as well as the chart wheel itself and have recently incorporated some non steampunk styles.

All designs remain property of the registered trademark The Steampunk Astrologer 


Commissions and mix/match

I can do all sorts of combinations with my products (given time) so if for example you wanted a pendant but in a silver colour mount than please contact me and I'll do all I can to get exactly what you want.




Lelibeth - The Steampunk Astrologer

Samples of Natal Charts shown with permission.  Each chart is only ever printed ONCE making it totally unique.