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Gain self knowledge, uplift the spirit and beautify the home with
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Gifts For The 12 Zodiac Signs

The Charts and Reports

Not everyone can get to an astrologer for a one to one appointment. Often when an astrologer can see you, the interpretation is verbal, so it is difficult to refer to later on unless it is recorded.

The service I offer regarding charts and interpretations gets around that problem. Your Astrological chart (be it a natal chart, composite, synastry or event) is designed and created by me personally. We work together to create a work of art with your chart as the focal point.

The reports are printed and are in far more detail than any free online reports. (In fact because of the amount and depth of information, the ‘Future Trends report’ is for 6 months rather than for a year.) Furthermore each report is beautifully presented – again with your input on the frontispiece if you choose.

The Greetings Cards and Cabochon Jewellery

I make each greetings card in my small flat! Metallic photo paper really gives depth to the colours in the images and makes them ‘pop’. After cutting out the image, I then mount them on card. If you’d like a particular colour card, I will need time to source some so contact me in advance. I leave the cards blank inside for your own message so are not restricted to particular events, but if you want text printing inside, contact me so I can do this for you. If you choose to do this, your card can be sent directly to the recipient.

Cabochon jewellery is now giclee printed before I glue the glass cabochon in place, wait for the glue to cure before cutting out and setting in a bezel/mount. If you are able to supply me with a circular image or would like to commission a piece then don’t hesitate to contact me. If you’d like a different bezel or setting, I may need time to source and obtain what you want so take this additional time into account when ordering.


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Why Choose The Steampunk Astrologer

Bespoke & Personal

Each individual chart and piece of jewellery is designed and made by The Steampunk Astrologer to be as unique and as special as you are.

Home & Abroad

The Steampunk Astrologer is based in the UK and is happy to post items both within the UK and overseas.

Best Cost

Prices on all products are fair and affordable for individually crafted pieces of art or jewellery. You will be gladly surprised once you get your package delivered!


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