ARTstrology Charts

ARTstrology charts came about through a combination of my loves of Astrology and creativity – especially Steampunk.

I now have lots of designs and most can be further personalised to create something that is truly unique to you – or the person you are treating to something special.

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Birth chart as a pendant/amulet on silver colour background
Rose window effect astrology chartFeatured
Frontispiece of Astrological Future Trends report on parchment paper
Printed Astrological report for Solar return
Air element birth chart in blues and gold
Steampunk design ARTstrology chart with gears and cogs plus the client's photo in the centre
ARTstrology chart with red leather background and metal gears and cogsFeatured
Frontispiece of Astrological Compatibility report on parchment paper
Earth element birth chart in browns and gold
Astrology chart as art showing forest scene with fairies
fire lelent birth chart in red and gold
Astrology chart showing the chart information on a gold disc against the background of a richly coloured night sky
ARTstrology showing two angels with two birth charts on pastel background
Astrology moonlit wedding chart with photo in centre showing moonlit night over sea as background
Art Deco birth chartFeatured
Astrology chart as a colouful image of the solar system showing planetary positions at the time of the eventFeatured