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Compatibility/Synastry Report


If you are ordering this with an Astrological chart, use the code COMBO to get £10.00 off the chart/report combination.

You can order the report without an “ARTstrology” chart for £30.00. You still need to complete the information I need in order to cast your charts, but it won’t be included in the report.

Reports are now also available in PDF format for you to download. Please be sure your email address is correct for this option, and remember to allow a few days for me to put the report together.

Please note that p+p will be added at checkout.

For Couples / Synastry / Compatibility (Dates are in D/M/Y format)
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Your Compatibility/Synastry Report looks at both your charts and compares them.

Here is an example of the front page of an Astrology Chart interpretation for couples.

The front page can be as shown here or can incorporate other information such as dates of birth. Just contact me and let me know. Once you have placed your order I will be in touch with you to update you on progress and find if I need to change anything on the frontispiece.
Obviously I need the information on the births of BOTH people in order for me to write about Compatibility/ Synastry

Your report shows how each individual impacts on the other, in what ways and in what life areas. It will NOT say whether a couple should be together, marry or split up. We all have free will and Astrology can never deprive us of this! Also some people are better to be together for a short span of time and some for longer.

As a little extra I also combine the charts and add to the report by saying a little about the two people as a couple

Your Compatibility/Synastry Report is a minimum of 12 sides of A4.
The front page is parchment card, the report is printed on cream paper and is bound with either ribbon or jute. If you have a preference for one of these then please let me know

Creating Your Report

The front page is parchment card. I use cream paper for the body of the report and then bind it with either ribbon or jute. (You choose which you prefer)

To create your report, I sit with the chart(s) for a while and study it/them. I then go to whichever I feel would be the most suitable of the various software reports I have. This however, is only a basic starting point.

I then go through that report, adding what I see in the chart(s) that is not included in the report. Often this is quite a lot – chart shape, stellium if there is one, hemisphere loading and more. I also take out bits of information that are irrelevant or too minor to be of any significance. If something is a true influence it shows in a chart in 3 or more ways. Therefore a minor aspect that has only shown a trait or influence once is unlikely to have any bearing on the overall report and could even be confusing if left in. I don’t usually put generational influences in the report.

Finally I read through the report with the chart(s) beside me to double check anything that jumps out as feeling ‘wrong’. More often than not all is ok at this point but it’s always worth checking.

Where applicable I also personalise the report for one person with their birth sign glyph on each page and find if anything in particular is to go on the frontispiece.

I find this a useful way to create your report as to write it myself from scratch would cost much more.

You can choose a beautiful accompanying ARTstrology Chart here.

If you are also buying a chart, you only need to fill in the information about the two people once. (You will be asked for the information for both the chart and the report)

Additional information

Hard Copy or Download

Download, Paper and Card


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