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Available for an individual, a birth or an event (NOT as a couples/synastry chart). Just complete the appropriate boxes below.

Once you have placed your order I will be in touch to see if you have preferences regarding text and/or photo on the chart


For One Person or A Birth
For An Event


Here’s a ‘Basic’ Astrology Chart that is Steampunk inspired. I had fun doing this!  My ‘Basic’ charts are still unique pieces of art but don’t include my individual Steampunk characters.

You can send me a photo to put in the centre –  PNG format preferably – circular would be even better! It would be great if you were in Steampunk attire but it’s not obligatory.   You don’t have to provide a photo.  If you prefer, the centre will be left to show the chart angles. Example of both options are shown.

As with all my Astrology Charts, you can have the chart alone as a piece of bespoke and unique art or you have the option to add a printed report.

Please note – most Basic charts are only available for one person or for an event (not for a couple’s ‘synastry’ chart).

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A4, A4 chart


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