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Firefly Fairies


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Whether you believe in fairies or not, there’s no denying that they bring a lot of joy to many people – not all of them children!

I had been working on my Angel designs when fairies fluttered through my mind. This surprised me as I had never thought of myself as a fairy type person!

I decided not to add facial features but to leave this to each person’s imagination as people see fairies in their own unique way. For some it’s the classic Disney Tinkerbell while the fae can be much darker for others.

The fairies here are shown against a velvety black so their glow and trails of stardust are much more visible. I saw them in my mind as quick moving firefly type creatures and have tried to capture that essence.

You can order an A4 print here. Your ‘Firefly Fairies’ is a giclee print on sumptuous archive quality paper so will last for years and years.

I’ve also made fairy pendants which so far have only been available at fairs and festivals where I trade. These are generally flat back but I can also make a globe pendant of two fairies. If you’d like this then contact me and let me know.

You can see these magical beings on lots of different products on my redbubble shop. Click here if you’d like to see or buy them on mugs, bags etc.


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Dimensions 29.7 × 21 cm


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