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Oh Baby Blue!


Available for a birth. Just complete the appropriate boxes below.

Once you have placed your order I will be in touch to see if you have preferences regarding text and/or photo on the chart

Try to have your baby picture with a plain background if possible and think what it will look like when cropped to a circle.  If you can send a circular baby photo, that would be great!

For One Person or A Birth
For An Event


A ‘basic’ Astrology Chart which is still personalised to celebrate the arrival of your little one.

Here I use traditional blue for the background.   If you can provide me with a photo of your lovely baby  I can then crop this to a circle. He will go right in the centre as shown in the example. (When sending the photo please use JPEG or PNG format. Also try to choose a photo with a plain background.)

You also need to provide information for me to both cast the chart and to write underneath it. This can then be the perfect snapshot of a precious moment in time.

The Astrology Chart  Peachy Baby may be a better choice if you want a more neutral colour.

You can have the chart alone or with a detailed printed report showing the potential and character traits of your special little person – just go to the Interpretations/reports section.

Most Basic charts are only available for one person or for an event (not for a couple’s ‘synastry’ chart).


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