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Be humble greeting cardWishing you a Sizzling Saturnalia!

The festival of Saturnalia began on 17th December and continues until 23rd December. It’s an ancient Roman predecessor of Christmas and The Steampunk Astrologer has been making the most of it! It was originally only celebrated on the one day but was obviously so good it was extended.

It celebrates the mythological Golden Age of humanity when Kronos (Greek) /Saturn (Roman) was the god who ruled the Earth. Role reversal, dressing up and gift giving were / are all part of the celebrations as well as more free rein to gamble, drink and over indulge in food. (Well, I confess I have made a start on a Christmas cake I was given and am obviously eating it with cheese!)

Saturn may have received sacrifices around the time of his festival but this was later changed to offerings of lit candles signifying the light of life – Sometimes the old ways are the best – and sometimes NOT. I’ve chosen to light a candle (although the breaking of an egg would count as sacrifice).

It’s a great excuse for those born under the sign Capricorn to really let their hair down and have fun. Here is a lighthearted Capricorn pendant s/he may like

..And a Yummy Yule.

Winter Solstice is the main date of Yule, but again celebrations are extended. This year it’s 21st December until 1st January.


…Or a belated Happy Hanukkah

I have to confess I needed to look this up as I’m not Jewish and have just learned that it means rededication. The Festival of Lights was 2nd – 10th December this year. 200 BC makes this festival older than Christmas and Jesus was probably celebrating Hanukkah when the bible says he attendee a ‘Feast of Dedication’. This has given me something to read up about – learning new things is good!

And a very Happy Christmas!

I don’t think this needs any explanation and I’m happy that astrology plays a part. The Magi must have been astrologers to follow the star telling them of the wondrous event.

This year my gifts are nearly all home made. I am upset by all the hype and pressure to buy bigger, better gifts – it’s almost competitive! In the mania to buy in an excess of food and get the latest ‘must have’ gift for the children I think a lot of people forget that the spirit of the season is not only for when we are opening gifts or sitting around the dining table together. However you choose to celebrate this season I wish you an abundance of love and joy and deep peace not just for one day but a lifetime!



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