Astrological Steampunk Dressing

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Astrological Steampunk Dressing

Steampunk Wear and Astrology (???)

Now, how to make Astrology accessible to all the splendid Steampunk individuals across the globe?

Well, Steampunks are always happy to dress the part they wish to play/live and in Astrology, the rising sign or Ascendant relates to how we project ourselves into the world and how others perceive us. Aha! I thought – I can refer to Astrology to see what our strengths could be when dressing to thrill, meet (and impress?) other Steampunks.

Fear not if you don’t know your Ascendant – you can always dress with emphasis for your Sun sign (what many call their star sign) or just take any idea from here that you fancy!

Here are the archetypes for the zodiac, and the main area(s) of the body they rule and some Steampunk ideas I put forward for you to consider.

rules the head, face and brain – well, obviously your forte will be HATS! MASKS! This is a Fire sign – so very steam or maybe dragon inspired. A stove pipe hat with steam coming out of the top and a tiny train running round the rim? (Think Mr Brunel). Any sort of mask – mechanical in design maybe. Glasses, monocles pince nez – whether you need prescription lenses or not. Add your own unique take on the ‘traditional’ hat and goggles to show your own personality.

rules neck, throat (incudes thyroid, vocal cords) – ooh! How about a delicate filigree silver protective gorget (made up of gears and cogs?) for any vampire hunters. Gentlemen would look dapper in sumptuous silk stocks and cravats, ladies in velvet chokers (and who knows what may be hidden in a locket there?). All sorts and designs of collars and necklines to suit the character you portray.


shoulders, arms & hands. Hmm, I thought – hand or integrated arm weaponry – guns, swords, fans (an air sign – a metal fan doubles as a cunning weapon), armoured and mechanical arms and hands. Gloves, arm bracers and all sorts of hand jewellery will belong to Gemini. Walking canes and parasols could be included here. A fabulous accessory would be your own Steampunk familiar to sit on your shoulder.


rules the chest, breasts, stomach. well, obviously – CORSETS (for both women and men. Ladies can make the most of any type of cleavage and both ladies and gentlemen can be slimmed and trimmed with this most gorgeous piece of apparel). Shrugs, chest armour, waistcoats. A fine show of medals (of your own design – even better!). Lots of potential for really showing off your finery with this sign.


heart, spine, upper back – How about a clockwork heart worn on sleeve or peeping out of a beautiful waistcoat or corset? Mechanical (or any Steampunk type) backpacks would be a joy to see as the back view of a Steampunk is often as magnificent as the front. Animal tails are an extension of the spine – What Steampunk type beastie do you fancy becoming?


intestines, abdomen – bright and beautiful cummerbunds for any military (or for that matter non-military) types – these could be embroidered with all sorts of Steampunkery. Why not show off your lovely pocket watch on a sumptuous chain. A Chatelaine belt with items to show your Steampunk persona may suit the ladies. I have one with lots of little astrological items on it.


kidneys, lower back, skin – oh! Obviously, a superb bustle – as simple or flouncy as you please! Copper tubes coming from kidney area to a bottle labelled pure GIN – sorry – got a bit carried away there for a moment! Skin can be decorated with permanent or temporary tattoos – you can get some gear/cog stencils and use copper or any metallic body paint. – I did this for my feet last year rather than wear my boots in hot weather.


reproductive organs – *blushes* Get your sexy on! Sporran, Steampunk suspender belts and the skirts to show them off. Any clothing or Steampunk items that highlight or broadly hint at sexuality I think can be considered in this category. This means almost any item of Steampunk clothing can be sexied up as subtly or overtly as you’d like. Oooh…!


hips, thighs –Well, I think for me the most obvious is those striking military jodhpurs – worn by both Gentlemen and ladies – and not just within the militia. Explorer types might also want to take advantage of these. Garters are essential to many – especially of they have a holster for that small hidden Derringer. If you’re so inclined, how about a cilice?


knees, all joints of the body –potentially a tricky one here. Dinosaur bones used for walking canes, staffs or swagger sticks maybe? Any articulated joint(s) can be included here – make them as powered or apparently powered (hydraulics?) as you please! How about a wooden or metal ‘skeleton’ for your own wings – dragon, bat, flying machine – all sorts of possibilities down this avenue. If you’re creative and /or ambitious – how about a Steampunk exoskeleton?


calves, ankles – all boots can be personalised in some way by decorating or dying. Lacings and fastenings can also be personalised. Anklets come into their own here and could be made of little gears and cogs. Spats can be absolutely splendid on anyone – nautical, military or just Steampunked up to the max!


feet, toes – wonderful footwear – Sadly often the most overlooked item of clothing. If you’re on cobbled streets then I’d advise flat shoes or boots. Buttons or hooks and laces for both gents and ladies look authentic. Victorian roller skates looked wonderful! Hobnailed boots were common for working classes (to make the soles last longer) but may not be practical nowadays, although they do make a lovely sound when striking on the cobbled streets! Big chunky boots make a statement and look fab!



Whatever your sign, I hope this article serves as a springboard for you to experiment and let your imaginations run free. Remember that as Steampunks our basic rules are to be splendid and to be nice to people – no two people live or wear Steampunk in exactly the same way, and I’m happy and proud to be part of such a non-judgemental group of wonderful and unique individuals.



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