The Sun in a Birth Chart

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The Sun in a Birth Chart

Sun God

In conversations about astrology people often refer to their star sign or their zodiac, horoscope or astrology sign. In a birth/natal chart this is your Sun sign. This centre of our solar system has been worshipped as Apollo, Helios, Ra, Aten etc. This masculine/yang deity may have given rise to the wearing of gold crowns by royalty and the depiction of saints and angels with halos as an imitation of the Sun god.

The Sun is one of the “luminaries” in a chart (the other is the Moon) and although they are not planets their influence is interpreted along with the planets in the solar system.

Our Centre

The Sun is the centre of our solar system – a type of star known as a yellow dwarf. Its heat and light allow us on Earth in the Goldilocks Zone (not too hot and not too cold!) the source and sustenance for life.

In a chart it therefore shows our vitality and will to live. It is our essence or inner nature. Its placement in a chart highlights the life area in which we shine and express our creativity. The Sun is not just in one of twelve zodiac signs but also in what is called a “house” or life area. Therefore this bright star shows the awareness of self, the ego and where in life we seek to fulfil our inner purpose.

The Sun shows our dominant personality traits and both our innate weaknesses and strengths. Each sign has both a positive and negative side to it. A chart shows the celestial influences on us at birth but cannot replace free will. You can choose the expression of your Sun sign traits, given the knowledge a birth chart interpretation gives you.

Sun Same As Ascendant

If you are born at or very close to sunrise your Ascendant or rising sign is the same as your Sun sign. This means the Sun could be in the 1st or in the 12th house. Without taking other parts of the chart into consideration this could make for quite a strong ego or sense of self! If the Sun is in the 1st house here then it could well be a case of “What you see is what you get.” A force to be reckoned with and no apologies for who s/he is! If the Sun is in the 12th house however, it may make for a loner with a spiritual life path. Obviously the whole chart has to be examined and Sun conjunct (very close to) the Ascendant can be modified by other planets or aspects.

The Planets Through The Signs

As a very brief summary of how the energy of any planet is expressed as follows. These are incredibly simplified but give a taste of the energy of each sign.

Aries – assertive, powerful

Taurus – practical, stable

Gemini – intellectual, restless

Cancer – emotional, cautious

Leo – expressive, bold

Virgo – analytical, practical

Libra – concerned with relationships, appearance

Scorpio – intense, emotional, perceptive

Sagittarius – concerned with personal freedom, changeable

Capricorn – cautious, practical

Aquarius – unpredictable, needing freedom

Pisces- sensitive, emotional


Whatever your Sun sign, may you shine its light brightly in all its splendour and fulfil your highest potential!

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