Leo - Welcome to the House of Fun

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The Sun is now in Leo and Mercury is no longer retrograde. Oh joy!

This is the house of fun and creativity – the area where, like the Sun, we shine. This year while the Sun was still in the sign of Cancer I went as a trader to the fabulous Fantasy Forest Festival to ‘Dream with my eyes open’ and had LOTS of fun. The Cancerian influence there for me was to feel I was going back to my roots and past in a few ways.

Steam Fun

However, with the Sun in Leo I was also lucky enough to be take by my partner to Welland Steam Rally. Sadly the ‘actor ‘ aspect of Leo wasn’t taken up as we didn’t dress in our fabulous Steampunk finery. (I think we would have been the only Steampunks there strangely enough. Oddly, we didn’t meet any although I’m sure there were some there.)

Leo and the 5th house are also to do with children. I was certainly taken back to the fun of childhood and to a different era. There were old fashioned fairground rides like the Carousel and Cake Walk as well as a Big Wheel and Dodgems. Music could be heard from the Oktoberfest organ nearby. Children both young and old were thoroughly enjoying themselves It brought back vague memories of a holiday at Butlins in the late 60’s when I was a little girl.

Leo is one of the fire signs and although flames were not really in evidence at the rally, steam was very much so! Small stationary engines to large traction engines – plus a mile of track had been laid so people could ride behind a small steam engine which tooted most times it ran. I spent most of my time on that ride looking at the engine rather than what we were passing!

Steam Heart

The heart is the body area ruled by Leo and the rally exhibitors had clearly put heart and soul into their hobby/work. Beautiful vintage cars and bikes were on display close to an array of military vehicles. Gleaming brass and paintwork was definitely shown to advantage in the parade of traction engines. Steam excavation work was taking place in one area! Exhibitors loved being able to discuss, explain and answer questions about the exhibits.

Seeing all of this inspired me to get creative (another aspect of Leo). I was quite taken with some of the old fashioned gauges and came home with the idea of designing an Astrology chart in the form of a Victorian type gauge. Ideas and images come to me in dreams. I was surprised that I had the whole design before the following weekend! Click here to see my Astrology chart ‘EnGauge In Astrology’. I liked it both portrait and landscape orientation, so unusually for my charts it is available as either.

I may even do a gauge for each zodiac sign available as pendants, pin badges or even cufflinks. The month for Leo has certainly had a positive effect on me so far this year! I’m now wondering what the Virgo influence has in store for me. I will be at Lincoln Steampunk Asylum in August and very much looking forward to it.

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