Astrology Home Décor Ideas That Speak to Your Zodiac Sign

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As a new season is in full bloom, you might be looking for a way to feel more connected in your home. Maybe your current décor isn’t quite sparking the right inspiration and you’re not quite feeling like your house is a home anymore. Well, look no further than Astrology. Your Zodiac (Sun), Moon, Venus signs, and much more can help you decorate your home so that you feel comfortable and at ease.

To help you get started we’ve consulted with prominent Astrologers all the way from Vancouver, CA to New York, NY for their advice on how you can incorporate astrology into your home’s décor. So whether you’re a Fire sign (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius), Water sign (Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio), Earth sign (Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo) or Air sign (Aquarius, Gemini, Libra), explore the ways you can bring the right energy into your home.  

Knowing your whole chart can help you incorporate astrological elements

into your design that not only look great, but boost your energy too. For example, in the bedroom you should focus on your moon sign (intuition, emotion, and the unconscious mind) and Venus sign (love, sex, and attraction). Let’s say your Venus is in Taurus—linens in earthy colors, plenty of natural wood furnishings, and house plants will help bring out your sensual side, making you feel more confident, relaxed, and romantic. – Celeste MottCeleste Mott

Knowing your whole chart can help you incorporate astrological elements

 If you’re serious about decorating according to your stars, you’ll want to have your chart done and decide what areas of the chart and your home you want to focus on. If, for example, your chart has your partnership area in the sign of Taurus, along with the planet Mars in there, you may choose to decorate your bedroom with tactile and sumptuous fabrics that include some red in order to accentuate and play to the strengths of this area of your chart. For me, combining astrology with your home décor is about maximizing potential using the complexities of your personal chart rather than simply your Sun sign (which is approximately a twelfth of the population) so that your home can embody and reflect that unique individuality. – Lesley Taylor, The Steampunk Astrologer 

Look at your Venus sign

to get a sense of what kind of statement pieces, adornments, or trinkets to bring into your space. Venus shows us what we are aesthetically attracted to the most, so if we surround ourselves with this energy, it fills us with more happiness and allows us to create a more individualized space. All you have to do is go to this site to find your Venus sign, and then go to Pinterest and search “Your Sign + aesthetic”. You won’t be let down. – Alexandria RolletAlexandria.Rollet

Bring the elements into your home. 

Sheer curtains to let the sun in, and good window screens to let fresh air in during cooler months are a must for fire and air signs. Soothing pale blue wall paint with ocean wall art and a tiny windowsill garden satisfy the yearnings of water and earth signs. – Corinne, Astrology Library 

Listen to yourself.

Even if you follow tips for your sign from a horoscope or an article, other things could be happening in your chart. If you’re approaching astrology with a DIY attitude, keep in mind that your chart might have complexities that you’re not yet aware of. If something is suggested for you, but you don’t feel it resonates, feel free to go against general advice for your sign and to make sure everything passes the test of whether you like it. – Emily Ridout, MA AstroYoga Specialist, Yoga and Astrology Teacher

Frame an artistic representation of your natal chart

and hang it somewhere where you spend a lot of time. Even if you are not fluent in astrology or know what all the glyphs and aspect lines mean, there will be resonance on a deeper level because it is essentially a picture of the configuration of what it means to be uniquely you. The chart itself is a beautiful image and as you get used to looking it will become more and more alive. There is no end to learning about your own birth chart. – Rachel Ferro, Life Begins Astrology

Liven up empty walls with astrology-inspired art

Mapiful lets you pick your zodiac sign, color and text and create a unique zodiac poster in just a few clicks. Each print can also be easily customized to include the typical traits of your chosen sign, as well as birthstone, planets, and symbol. – Mapiful 

Incorporate Astrology themed flowers in your home.

Starbright Floral Design in Manhattan creates a floral horoscope for each Zodiac Sign which is available for delivery in the NYC area. Celebrate the season with fresh florals and send them as an unforgettable birthday gift to your friends and family. – Starbright Floral Design 

Combine seasonality with your zodiac sign.

When picking a great scent for your home, we always recommend not to limit yourself to whatever the current season is, rather think about what time of year is your favorite and scent your home to that season. Your Zodiac Sun Sign could be a great place to start, so all you Pisces/Aries/Taurus candle fans out there might love something green/natural/fresh and spring-like all year long. If you don’t find you resonate with your Sun sign, don’t forget to look up your moon or your rising sign, too. Head to our Zodiac Signs as Candlefish Fragrances blog post for even more scent advice based on your Sun Sign. – Candlefish

The Water element brings calmness to your home.

A great way to invite peace and love into your home is by installing a water fountain in the north or north-east corner of your home. Introducing the water element into your home allows the energies to flow with ease and positivity. The fountain need not be big. Even a tiny table-top water fountain will make a world of difference to how your home feels. – Sumaa Tekur, founder of Golden Swan Healing

Look to your moon sign in creating a comforting environment.

Tap into your Moon sign(s) to create visual emotional support. Your place will feel like an oasis, be a comforting space, and act as a form of passive self-care. – B Schneider, Sweet B Design

Create a New Moon Altar for your home.

Honoring the new moon each month is a wonderful way to align with the rhythms of nature, and an altar can serve as a visual focal point to remind you of your connection to the Moon every day. Decorate your altar with images, photos, flowers, or objects from nature that have a special meaning to you while also honoring the current sign of the New Moon. For example, an altar honoring the New Moon in Leo might include images of a lion, and a vase of sunflowers; or a New Moon in Cancer might include photos of you and your mother, or you and your children alongside a collection of seashells that you’ve gathered over the years while walking on the beach beside the ocean. – Ally Ayala, Star Song Reiki

Incorporate your Zodiac Sign’s element

whether that be Fire, Earth, Air, or Water. This can be done with candles and statement fireplaces for Fire, along with warm colors and woods; plants, crystals, earthy colors and natural fabrics for Earth; incense, essential oil diffusers, and windchimes with bright curtains and light colors for Air; and water features, aquariums, mirrors, metals, shells, and blue colors for Water. Alternatively, there are a myriad of products available today to add a touch of Astrological decoration to your home- everything from framed prints to birthday candles and dinnerware, the list is endless. – Talisa + Sam, Two Wander 

Decorate with what complements your sign

. Earth signs gravitate toward elegant simplicity and neutrals, while fire signs are obsessed with vivacious patterns and bold colors. Water signs seek to cultivate their home as an oasis— make it as cozy and as magic as possible. Air signs crave breezy open-concept layouts and a magnificent bookshelf. – Catherine Urban@astrocatherine 

It can be as easy as sticking to fire, earth, water, and air.

An easy, simple way to bring the energies of your astrology into your home is to stick to the basic elementals of your sign – fire, earth, air or water. By incorporating textures, colors, sounds, even smells based on your sign’s element you will infuse your space with your natural energy. Whether that’s adding a pop of red for fire, a fiddle leaf fig tree or vine-y hanging plant for earth, a central focal point on a big, open window for air, or a bubbling fountain for water signs will go a long way to make your home feel more aligned. – Sarah James Carter, Astrologer + Human Design Guide @sarahjamescarter

All four elements should be in your space.

Astrologically, I love to be intentional about how the 4 elements, that the 12 signs are grouped into, show up in a particular space. It is normal for us to be low or missing an element in our personal natal charts. To balance ourselves, we need to manifest that element into our lives daily. We can keep the home and people within energetically balanced by making sure that each element is intentionally represented in the design. Example: For an outdoor space with a desert vibe, a Malm vintage fireplace will spark inspiration with our fire element daily. Invest in a cactus or some natural crystals to satisfy the earth element to keep us grounded and practical. Share ideas or simply let them generate out of thin air while hanging in a Moroccan hammock or chair. Bring the intuitive water element into play with a hot tub, cowboy tub, outdoor shower or simply use shades of blue in your decor. – Tiffany Potempa 

Your sun sign creates ease at home.

We feel safest and most at ease in our homes when surrounded by the astrological element we are most connected to, typically our Sun sign. Through the fire element, we must invite in bold colors. With the air element, we need a screened-in porch and beautiful smells. With the water element, we desire a luxurious shower and bathroom. With the earth element, we need living plants throughout the home. – Emily Klintworth (Taurus), Author of Claiming Your Power Through Astrology, Absolutely Astrology

Look to the IC 4th House of Home Décor – Power.

 To decorate a home with a style that reflects you, look to your 4th house of home in astrology, as that is where your power lies hidden. Planets found in the 4th house are genuinely the soul & the root of our being; they nurture and support us. – Astrologer Bree Mundy, Spiritual Design Astrology

Honor your Moon and Venus placements

, to make a home feel like it’s truly yours. Your Moon sign determines what you need in order to feel comfortable and content in your environment, while Venus’ placement will help you refine your style and design choices. In general, Venus or Moon in earth signs like pleasing textures, efficient storage, and quality materials; fire signs appreciate ample space for creative projects, exercise, and personal freedom; air signs need lots of air, light, and innovative or intelligent design features; water signs will thrive when they have special spaces to curl up, get cozy, and spend some hours losing track of time. – Renee Sills, Embodied Astrology

The Moon represents what you find comfortable,

safe, and what fulfills your primal needs, so it’s more important than your sun sign when decorating your home. Fire Moon Signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) should create homes with vibrant colors and grand textures. Water Moon Signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) should decorate their homes with crystals, spiritual figures (think Laughing Buddhas, etc.) and a water feature. Earth Moon Signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) need cozy but practical furniture, with lots of indoor plants. And finally, Air Moon Signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) need lots of open space to entertain, a bookcase for their enormous library and big windows so they can gaze at the stars. – Karrie Myers Taylor (a.k.a. Self Karrie), Empowerment, Self Care & Lifestyle Astrologer

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