Sagittarius - Your Geometric Arrow

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A Mutable Sign

The Archer is the 10th sign of the Zodiac. I incorporate lots of information into your Sagittarius geometric arrow design. Read on to find the secrets encoded in the Sagittarius Arrow.

The sign of the Centaur is one of the four MUTABLE signs (the other three being Virgo, Gemini and Pisces).  The mutable signs have adaptability in common but the trait shows in different ways. Those with Sagittarius strong in their charts are most adaptable or changeable in their ways of looking at life’s possibilities. The glyph or symbol for mutable is an arched line with a dot below in the middle. On this arrow, you see the symbol in the top third of the design..  The glyph or symbol for fixed is a square or rectangle with a horizontal line in the middle.

A Fire Sign

Sagittarius is one of the fire signs – energetic, enthusiastic and volatile. The glyph or symbol for this element is an upward pointing triangle. The other Fire signs are Aries and Leo. Fire signs are adventurers and innovators but can burn themselves out quickly. Combined with being mutable, this makes some Sagittarians rather unstable.  You can see the glyph or symbol for fire near the bottom of the arrow.

Ruling Planet(s)

Each sign of the Zodiac is ruled by a planet (or co-ruled by two). Sagittarius is ruled by the giant planet Jupiter. Its symbol is a little like a figure 4 with a curl at the beginning. It is traditionally the planet that brings good fortune. . All the planets of our solar system are in each person’s chart with Sun showing your essence or nature.

Groups of Planets

We describe planets in a chart as groups. Personal (The “Luminaries” Sun and Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars) and are the more inner planets. Social planets come next (Jupiter and Saturn).   Transpersonal or outer planets are Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. (I know Pluto is now classed as a dwarf planet. However, it still functions as a planet in Astrology and Eris, Ceres etc can also be taken into account in a chart.) 

Jupiter is a social planet and as such has two lines which you will see just below the arrowhead.

Sagittarius’ Glyph

Each sign has its own glyph, however, rather than stay traditional I have incorporated my own idea into each arrow.  For Sagittarius an arc represents the bow while the arrow shoots outside the confines of the circle and from darkness into light. Incorporated is the rune for breakthrough and also for the Self.

Sagittarians aim high and, like a flying arrow they enjoy the journey almost more than the arrival at the target. They are warm and enthusiastic but may not be strong on practicality unless this is supported in the chart.

Sagittarius’ Geometric Arrowhead

The arrowhead has a 3 pointed star symbolizing not just the trinity but also the manifestation of our dreams. There is a wider arrowhead in black showing the expansive nature of this sign.

The ‘tail’ of the arrow has a combination of runes to show a spiritual quest or journey, one of the strong traits of this sign

The constellation for Sagittarius completes the geometric design. The stars are purple to reinforce the spiritual and philosophical side of Sagittarius.

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