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Encoded Information In A Geometric Design

A Fixed Sign

The Scorpion is the 8th sign of the Zodiac. Scorpio’s geometric arrow has lots of information encoded in it. read on to find our more.

The stinging Scorpion belongs to the group of FIXED signs (along with Taurus, Aquarius and Leo).  The fixed signs hold onto or are attached to something.  Scorpio finds it hard to let go of emotions. In common with other fixed signs there is a tendency to hold onto the past.  The glyph or symbol for fixed is a square or rectangle with a horizontal line in the middle. On Scorpio’s arrow, you see the symbol in the top third of the design.

A Water Sign

Scorpio is one of three water signs – all water signs have strong instincts or gut feelings and are often intuitive and sensitive. (The other water signs are cancer and Pisces) Water signs can moderate the somewhat unemotional thinking of Air, their imagination can push the practical boundaries of the Earth and bring more compassion to Fire. The glyph or symbol for this element is a downward pointing triangle shown on this arrow just below half way.

Ruling Planet(s)

Each sign of the Zodiac is ruled by a planet (or co-ruled by two). Scorpio is co ruled by Mars and Pluto.  Mars brings the passion that Scorpio is known for and Pluto brings a transformational energy to the sign. All the planets of our solar system are in each person’s chart.

Groups of Planets

The planets in a chart are described as personal (The “Luminaries” Sun and Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars) and are the more inner planets. Social planets come next (Jupiter and Saturn).   Transpersonal or outer planets are Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. (Yes, Pluto is now classed as a dwarf planet but it still functions as a planet in Astrology. Other bodies such as Eris, Ceres etc can also be taken into account in a chart.)  On this card I have shown Mars just below the Water glyph and Pluto below Mars. Almost at the top of the arrow directly below the arrowhead  I have drawn three diagonal lines for Pluto to show this. (I draw one for the personal, two for social and three for the transpersonal planets.)

Scorpio’s Glyph

Although each sign has its own glyph or symbol, rather than stay traditional all the way I have incorporated my own idea into each arrow.  Scorpio represents birth and death so I have shown the infinity loop to represent this cycle. The infamous Scorpio sting is shown as a dotted line with an arrowhead leading outside the circle. That sting can be subtle rather than obvious and may not even be deployed at all! The vertical line is the rune for standstill/ice (or fixed water) Like all fixed signs, Scorpio will resist change, but if pushed then they make use of Pluto’s influence for a total transformation.

Scorpio Arrowhead

The ‘arrowhead’ shows two ruling planets against a dark background. Scorpios are often depicted as dark vindictive creatures. Peeking out from below and behind the black however, is an arrowhead of light. Thanks to the helping influence of Pluto, Scorpio can overcome lower aspects of the self and rise above them, like one of their other symbols – the Phoenix.

The bottom of the arrow show a single horizontal line to represent the personal planet of Mars. The wavy line shows the emotional element of water which drives this and other water signs. It is in a black box to show that Scorpio can when necessary contain or hide emotion.

Scorpio’s Constellation

The constellation for Scorpio completes the geometric design. The stars are drawn in maroon – deeper and darker than the bright hue of Mars’ traditional colour, and more in keeping with Pluto – god of the Underworld

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