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Steampunk Pisces Character Pendant


I make all of these items individually at home in my very small flat. The glass cabochons in these items of jewellery are 25 mm diameter. I can do 30 mm if you like – but give me time to get all the components. I use regular rather than high dome glass cabochons as the image tends to distort a little too much under a half globe dome.

The pendant comes with a matching chain.

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Here is my Astrology jewellery Steampunk version of Pisces. If you look closely at my mechanical fish you can see the workings through a porthole.

It took a while to get the shape I liked for these fish. Some were just too cute while others looked a bit too scary. Strong Sun sign Pisces are not often really scary unless they have other influences in their charts.

My Steampunk Characters undergo change quite often because they come to me in dreams. They usually wake me at about 2.00 am with a definite message, whether it be a small detail or a complete overhaul!

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