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Oh Baby!


Available for a birth. Just complete the appropriate boxes below.

Once you have placed your order I will be in touch to see if you have preferences regarding text and/or photo on the chart

Try to have your baby picture with a plain background if possible and think what it will look like when cropped to a circle. If you can send a circular baby photo, that would be great!

An exclusive, personalised chart makes a lovely gift on its own and is extra special when accompanied by a printed interpretation. There is a discount when both are purchased together – if buying chart and interpretation together, use the code COMBO at checkout to receive £10.00 off.

Please note that p+p will be added at checkout.

For One Person, A Birth or Event (Dates are in D/M/Y format)
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The Oh! Baby Natal Chart is the IDEAL gift for baby.

A new addition to the family – how exciting! Now, how to choose a gift that’s as unique and as special as the new arrival?

A birth chart – or natal chart captures the moment your new baby comes into the world. It’s a map of the planets at the precise time and place of birth. An astrologer can then interpret this to say what celestial influences were around your baby at birth and how these influences shape character and personality. This can never take away free will though as we always have choice. If for example, we have the influence of spontaneity at birth, we can choose to learn to curb this although it will remain part of our nature or essence.

If possible, you need to provide me with a photo of your lovely baby with a plain background. I can then crop this to a circle if necessary. Baby’s picture can then go in the centre. If you send a photo please use JPEG or PNG format. (The centre can be left plain if you prefer.)

You also need to provide information for me to both cast the Astrology Chart and to write underneath it for this to be the perfect snapshot of a precious moment in time. If you want a more neutral colour for your baby’s chart, then have a look at Peachy Baby.

Here are some tips on taking great baby photos at home.

Your ‘Oh! Baby’ Natal Chart can be purchased alone or with a detailed printed report showing the potential and character traits of your special little person – just go to the Interpretations/reports section.

There is a reduction in price if you buy both a chart and report together. Alone or with accompanying report, this would be a thoughtful and special gift.

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