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Air Balloon Blue Watercolour Astrology Chart


Available for an individual, a birth or an event. (NOT as a couples/synastry chart.) Just complete the appropriate boxes below.

Each chart is drawn up as a unique and bespoke piece. It is only printed ONCE.

An exclusive, personalised chart makes a lovely gift on its own and is extra special when accompanied by a printed interpretation. There is a discount when both are purchased together – if buying chart and interpretation together, use the code COMBO at checkout to receive £10.00 off.

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A watercolour Astrology Chart is rather different from my usual style of chart but I’m getting to enjoy doing them.

As a Steampunk living in Bristol, I was finally inspired my to design a chart style in the form of a hot air balloon. Bristol has the most fantastic annual Hot Air Balloon Festival with amazingly shaped balloons. Sometimes they float over the roof of my flat and it is a beautiful sight.

I love the original hot air balloon by the Montgolfier brothers but the shape really didn’t lend itself well to a circular birth chart. Instead I decided to go for the more traditional shape and incorporate my Vintage Range designs. I stayed with the theme blue and gold of the Montgolfier brothers as it matches my own colours but altered the tones quite a lot.

I put a lot of work went into designing this to be a basic (and therefore bargain price!) chart. It looks so good however, that you are given the option to have this style as A3 size.

So here you have an Astrology Chart in more soft, peaceful and relaxing than some of my more vibrant styles. You might want to hang this in the bedroom or one of your more quiet spaces.

You can also order an accompanying report – see what types are available by clicking here

And you can click here for some information about watercolours.

This chart is only available for one person or for an event (not for a couple’s ‘synastry’ chart).

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