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Star Map as Print or Download


Star Maps are NOT astrology charts but a beautiful image of the sky for any given time and place.

If you don’t know the time I will set it for midday. Just put 12.00 in the box.

The A4 Download can be upsized and printed as many times as you want.

Once you have placed your order I will be in touch to find whether you prefer a circle or heart shape and to confirm any text you want.

Look further down the page for more information.

Please note that p+p will be added at checkout for hard copies.

Star Maps (Dates are in D/M/Y format)

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Your Star Map is an image of the skies taken from a specific viewpoint, date and time.

There are several ways to depict this image. The image I choose to use shows the horizon as the outer circle. The image starts as a rectangle but looks more appealing in a rounded shape. I also blur the edges slightly to soften the outline a little. The Moon is scaled it up to be more visible. If the Sun is visible it will be the brightest object on your map. Planets within our solar system are likely to be the next brightest objects you will see on your star map.

The Milky Way is the wispy trail of colour against the black sky. It will be in different positions depending on the information I’m given to create each map. Much more of the Milky Way is visible in the map than if we were to use the viewpoint with a straight horizon.

This Star Map cannot be interpreted to give you information such as personality profile, future trends etc. You need an Astrological chart to be cast if you’d like to know the celestial influences for any given place and time. You can click here to see astrology charts.

As a DOWNLOAD your Star Map can be upsized for printing – absolutely perfect for a wedding sign or even cut out to go on the backs of the chairs of the Happy Couple!

Your Star Map greetings card is a metallic photo image of 4×6 on a 5×7 card. The card is blank for you to write your own message. It is now also available as a JPG size A4 download.

A4 and A3 Star Maps are sent to my printer to be giclée printed on thick archival quality paper – ensuring quality and durability of the print and its colours. The download can be upsized and printed as many times as you’d like.

I will be in touch once you’ve ordered to ask whether you want a circle or heart shape, plus any message or specific information on your print.

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