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Encoded Information In A Geometric Design

A Cardinal Sign

Libra is the 7th sign of the Zodiac. I incorporate lots of information into the design for each of the Astrological signs so read on to find the secrets encoded in Libra’s arrow.

The Libran Scales of Balance and Justice belong to the group of CARDINAL signs (the other three being Aries, Cancer and Capricorn). Cardinal signs have the need for action in common and can be fairly ambitious, liking to be in control but the trait shows in different ways.  Libra likes to control partnerships and the immediate environment . The glyph or symbol for cardinal is like an upward pointing arrow with a dot in the middle of the open part of the arrow. On your arrow, you see the symbol near the top. 

An Air Sign

Libra is an Air sign – The glyph or symbol for this element is an upward pointing triangle with a line across it. The other Air signs are Aquarius and Gemini. Air signs like to gather and process information.  We need Air signs for thought, communication and intellectual activity.  You can see the glyph or symbol for Air almost at the centre of the arrow. The glyph or symbol for this element is an upward pointing triangle with a line across it.

Ruling Planet(s)

Each sign of the Zodiac is ruled by a planet (or co-ruled by two). Libra is ruled by Venus – Goddess of Love.  Its symbol or glyph for the planet is the same as the symbol for female – a circle resting on top of a cross. It’s just below halfway on the arrow with the circle filled in black. Libra loves balanced and harmonious relationships All the planets of our solar system are in each person’s chart.

Groups of Planets

The planets in a chart are described as personal (The “Luminaries” Sun and Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars) and are the more inner planets. Social planets come next (Jupiter and Saturn).   Transpersonal or outer planets are Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. (Yes, Pluto is now classed as a dwarf planet but it still functions as a planet in Astrology. Other bodies such as Eris, Ceres etc can also be taken into account in a chart.)  Libra’s ruling planet of Venus is a personal planet and close to the Earth in terms of the Solar System. Almost at the top of the arrow directly below the arrowhead  I have drawn a single diagonal line to show this. (I draw one for the personal, two for social and three for the transpersonal planets.)

Libra’s Glyph

Although each sign has its own glyph or symbol, rather than stay traditional all the way I have incorporated my own idea into each arrow.  For Libra I have tried to show how these people strive for balance – arrows point in opposite directions, the encompassing circle is half dotted line and half clear line and where the two meet there is a square at one side, a circle at the other. This ability to see both sides of situations etc can lead to indecision on the part of some Librans

Libra Arrowhead

The ‘arrowhead’ points in the opposite direction from the conventional. this is to emphasise the ability of Librans to see the counterbalance that others do not.

The bottom of the arrow is a small design to show the scales. The Egyptian gods used these to weigh the souls of the dead. Libra weighs up all possibilities before making a decision.

Libra’s Constellation

The constellation for Libra completes the geometric design. The stars are drawn in green – the most balanced colour for the human eye to distinguish.

Libra (and other) Designs By The Steampunk Astrologer

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