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The Steampunk Astrologer recently had a rune reading to explore different ways of answering questions clients often ask. Alex Belojica read the Nordic Runes for me and I thought it might be nice for you all to learn a bit about the runes. He has kindly written this blog.

No-one can now be totally sure of the origin of the Runic alphabet with which many of us will be at least vaguely familiar. The ‘ stick like ‘almost primitive looking symbols often appear in an article or a fantasy tale in magazines or novels, they seem to hold a fascination that lies deep within the consciousness of many of us. Visit ancient churches in Sweden, Norway maybe even northernmost parts of Britain and you may see Rune images carved on walls or gravestones. So what about the history and meaning behind them?

Nordic runes

How old are Runes?

We know the Norsemen used them, did they bring their carved stones with them on their frequent visits to Britain? But there is strong evidence that the Runes were used in Britain long before that time, around the 5th century onwards.
Some historians have claimed that this must mean the Runestones are not of Nordic origin at all but were developed by the Germanic peoples that invaded and then colonised the British islands and that the Norsemen must have ‘inherited’ them taking them back with them after their own invasions from 793 CE onwards.
This has no basis in historical fact at all! Prehistoric rock carvings dated around two thousand years earlier depict Rune symbols in what is now Norway and Sweden and a far more credible scenario is that the Germanic tribes absorbed the stones into their own culture when mingling / trading with the Norse tribes from around 200 / 300 CE and therefore naturally brought them with them when they arrived in Britain from the fifth century onwards.
There is some evidence that the people of what is now Alpine Italy read with the Runes and some antiquarians argue that the Etruscans or even the Ancient Greeks knew the meanings that were used in the Northern lands but again this is romanticising with the evidence. Everything both mythologically and historically point to modern Scandinavia as the birthplace of the Runic alphabet.

How Were and Are Runes Used?

Certainly the Runes were used as an alphabet just as ours is today but the Shaman or wise men of the tribe or group knew they were central to the arts they practised.
As a Runecaster of many years experience, I am of the opinion that it is the very primeval, ancient and basic nature of the runes that has allowed the art of casting to survive in our modern technologically obsessed world. Deep within us all, there is a feeling, a desire to explore our inner selves and perhaps a belief that only by drawing on our collective past can we can really hope to move forward to our real future. When I work with people, I explain to those that consult me that there is no ‘ magic ‘ in the stones, the only magic is within all of us.

About Alex – Runescaster

With over 30 years experience and as an Anglo- Saxon historian I am available for Rune readings either face to face in your own home or online depending on location, very flexible over times and dates.
Discounts given for groups, ideal for an evening with a difference with your friends and family.
Link to my website enclosed which gives much more – my readings are direct practical and intriguing often revealing past present and future, a real direction in your life……
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Runes and Astrological Symbols

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