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Peachy Baby!


Available for a birth. Just complete the appropriate boxes below.

Once you have placed your order I will be in touch to see if you have preferences regarding text and/or photo on the chart

Try to have your baby picture with a plain background if possible and think what it will look like when cropped to a circle.  If you can send a circular baby photo, that would be great!

For One Person or A Birth
For An Event


This ‘basic’ Astrology Chart is still personalised to celebrate the arrival of your little one!

You need to provide me with a photo of your lovely baby with a plain background. I can then crop this to a circle if necessary.  Baby’s picture can then go in the centre. If you send a photo please use JPEG or PNG format.

You also need to provide information for me to both cast the Astrology Chart and to write underneath it for this to be the perfect snapshot of a precious moment in time.

You can have the chart alone or with a detailed printed report showing the potential and character traits of your special little person – just go to the Interpretations/reports section.

Basic charts are only available for one person or for an event (not for a couple’s ‘synastry’ chart).


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