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Stargate Earth Astrology Chart


Available for an individual, a birth or an event and also as a couples/synastry chart. Just complete the appropriate boxes below.

If sending a photo please consider how it will look when cropped into a circle. A plain background is best.

Once you have placed your order I will be in touch to find your preferences – options such as photo and text.

Please note that p+p will be added at checkout.

Each chart is drawn up as a unique and bespoke piece.

An exclusive, personalised chart makes a lovely gift on its own and is extra special when accompanied by a printed interpretation. There is a discount when both are purchased together – if buying chart and interpretation together, use the code COMBO at checkout to receive £10.00 off.

The print is giclée and the paper used is a natural soft textured off white 315gsm – which adds a depth and dimension to all types of images but is particularly suited to landscapes and portraiture. The paper is 100% acid free and ideal for colour images. Accredited by the Fine Art Trade Guild as of ‘Archival Quality’ it gives an image life of 85 + years

For One Person, A Birth or Event (Dates are in D/M/Y format)
For Couples / Synastry / Compatibility (Dates are in D/M/Y format)
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This Astrology Chart is inspired by the film Stargate. It takes a lot longer for me to draw up, however it is gorgeous!
You can see in the portal ring the zodiac glyphs and symbols for Mutable, Fixed and Cardinal. You might also spot symbols for the elements Earth, Air, Fire and Water. Around the outer rim the hieroglyphs represent the first four letters of each sign (well… except for Leo). I’ve drawn up the 12 constellations outside the portal.

As a chart is partly based on earthly co-ordinates I have placed our beautiful planet at the centre.
Your chart can be for an individual, event or couples with the option of adding your choice of photo in the centre. (You need to send me the photo.)
For an individual you only need to give the information for person 1.
For an event, I can incorporate the town and date of your ceremony, first meeting etc and will be in contact with you about this when we sort the details of your chart together. If you order the chart cast for an EVENT, there is no option for an additional report.
Where you are able to give information about both individuals then I can cast the chart as a ‘synastry chart’.

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And here is some information about the original film which inspired the chart design



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