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Taurus Geometric Arrow Design Card


The Taurus Geometric Design is printed much more crisp and clear than can be shown here.

It is also available as a png download for personal use. This means you can use the design to print on t shirts etc and also as a tattoo so long as you do not break any copyright laws. The download is approximately 30 cms tall and there is also a pdf explanation of the design. Please note the download will take a few days to arrive and will be sent to the email address you give. Contact me if you have any problems.

You can also commission a geometric design to show information on your personal birth chart. Click here to see the page.

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This Taurus Geometric design greetings card is also a great idea for a tattoo.

Your Taurus Geometric Arrow holds encoded information about you and is a beautifully simple piece of art to send as a card or keep and frame.

It is printed at a much higher resolution than shown here so is crisp and clear.

Each card has information about the Sun (or ‘star’ ) sign encoded in the design.

You will find the glyph or symbol for your ruling planet. (If you don’t already know what it is, then to find your ruling planet click here)

There is a simplified glyph of my own design for your Sun sign in the centre of the arrow. You may not recognise it as the sign or symbol immediately, but there are reasons behind each. Some are very easy to guess and most are shown within a circle.

The number of small horizontal lines just below the arrowhead show whether the ruling planet is a personal, social or outer planet.

The constellation for each zodiac sign is also shown as simple stars in a colour sympathetic with the particular sign.

I’ve also included the symbol to show whether the sign is Cardinal, Fixed or Mutable as well the symbol for the element (Earth, Air Fire or Water).

The arrow head indicates an aspect of the Zodiac sign’s character traits and the tail contains a little more information

To read a little bit more about this Taurus Geometric Arrow go to the blog about it by clicking here





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