My Place In The Stars (Deluxe Chart)

This may not look like it but it is in fact a birth chart.
It's as close as I can get to a snapshot of the solar system at the time of birth while still showing all the planets and the moon, so all planets are this side of the sun.
Planets are not on the same plane as each has been placed in the correct section for the zodiac constellation at the time of birth. The constellations are around the edge of the chart. The centre point of each planet is placed where its symbol would be on the birth chart.
I also check on the moon phase and put in the correct moon image - this was at new moon so the dark moon is shown between the Earth and Sun.
A comet flies towards the constellation of the person's sun (star) sign to highlight it.
It is signed on the back in pencil ( I can also put the recipient's name or message of your choice) and 1/1 to show it is unique - the only print.
This takes a long time gridding etc to get this right!
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