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Well, The Steampunk Astrologer has been a lucky girl! I was away in Perranporth for the Equinox and the full moon – what a wonderful time it was. The sea was certainly very dynamic with the RNLI out every day and warning flags in use a lot. The sky at night was lovely by the beach, so easy to see lots of beautiful stars.

Steampunk Character Scorpio

I thought it might be nice to tell you how I came to draw the zodiac characters for my Steampunk style astrology charts. As we are coming up to Scorpio I thought I’d start with that much maligned sign (Oh, and guess which Sun Sign I am – and with a big birthday coming up too!)

I’m now on my third Steampunk image for this as many of my pictures metamorphosise and become something new. I started with both a female and a male character, trying to incorporate some of the characteristics of the sign.

My female Scorpio had a studded corset, a shoulder shrug made of metal plates and looked pretty sexy. She certainly had attitude and was attractive but you wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of her.

My male Scorpio was a cowboy with a robotic eye patch. He was wielding a whip with a scorpion sting on the end. The robotic eye was to show how Scorpios can focus their intensity and vision. They can combine this with their well-developed intuition to become very good investigators and psychotherapists. (Often having an intense gaze it is easy to believe someone with strong Scorpio traits can read your mind, even if they can’t!)

My third Scorpio ‘character’ is a Scorpio version of Stephenson’s Rocket. Scorpio is a fixed sign and as such is not keen on change. If pushed (either buy external or internal forces) then change usually takes the form of total transformation. The ‘Rocket’ in 1829 combined several new innovations in locomotion to produce something transformational – a template for many subsequent locomotives.

Scorpio includes death part of the cycle of transformation and sadly ‘Rocket’ was involved in a fatal accident in an 1830 procession. Some Scorpios are fascinated by death and fearlessly stare into the void – unconcerned by the thought that someday, the void will stare back!


This sign of transformation should hopefully change over time from the unevolved symbol of the spider to the evolved Phoenix. (Strangely, on the day of Rocket’s accident, Stephenson’s son was driving the locomotive named Phoenix!) Scorpio is complex enough to have 7 symbols – Spider, Scorpion, Lizard, Serpent, Wolf, Eagle and Phoenix. I’m pretty sure I’ve not reached Phoenix level yet, but the intention is there!

Although many of these symbols may appear wild or ….let’s say …not the most cuddly of animals, the Scorpio is incredibly loyal and loving to those s/he has chosen to be part of his/her life. Revenge is seen as a Scorpio trait but often a Scorpio has to be pushed hard to reach this tipping point. If s/he HAS reached this point, you may not know until it’s too late – Scorpio can wait for a long time to serve this dish very cold.

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