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Celestial Wedding Signage


The Celestial Wedding Stationery shows your unique Star Map on all items of the collection.

If you haven’t already completed the information for your star map, click here as this is the most important part of your unique design. It is also where you select the fonts/text styles you want.

Please DO read through the description area below as this the details are important.

In the last box here, instead of town and country, you could put the exact part of the venue for your wedding if required e.g. Sandringham Suite.

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The Celestial Wedding Signage is a download, like all elements of this theme. It is designed with an A4 ratio but can obviously be printed (and emailed to you) at larger sizes.

Signs set around your wedding venue grounds can direct guests to the ceremony, and/or the reception. You can also use them for any part of your day where your guests may need directions/information.
It’s probably the first thing your guests will see when they arrive at your wedding venue. Therefore, matching the theme with the save the date and invitation cards help with instant recognition.
Once you have your download, you can have it printed as many times as you’d like. You may want or need to place them in various parts of your wedding venue.
Before you order these, be sure you have completed the section giving me information for your star chart. The same page also asks for information on which fonts you prefer for the titles and general text.
Here’s a link in case you haven’t already done this.
The Celestial Wedding Signage is shown in the same fonts as all examples in this collection, so check the alternatives on the link.

Additional information

Amount of text required

Title names + up to 15 words, Title names + more than 15 words


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