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Star Map For Your Bespoke Celestial Wedding Design


This is the most important part of putting your exclusive stationery together. I need to create a star map for you. Please read the description below to understand how this works.

The image I create is then used on most or all of your stationery. You can also download your Star map (without a background) to use on other items. There’s no extra charge.

Please scroll through the images on this page to see all your choices. I’ll check with you when you place your order. All examples on other pages show title font A and general text C.

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So, just how unique and personalised would you like your wedding stationery to be? This Star Map shows the heavens for your wedding date, place and time. This golden star map for your bespoke Celestial Wedding stationery makes it unique to you. No-one else will have wedding stationery exactly like yours.

I also take any stress and time out of your needing to complete or fill in names on an online app by offering this service for you.

BEFORE you go on to add any other items to your basket, we need to make your special and unique design from the map of the heavens above.

This view of the heavens can be set for any town, country, time and date. I’ll need all of this to set your map.

From that map I then go on to extract the stars and planets and place them on a clear background.

I use spiky stars rather than round for a reason. My next step is to colour the stars and planets gold. This makes them look like little splashes of gold paint – really pretty and attractive. I can’t use real gold foil as this will not download, but it is a very good representation of gold foil.

This image is placed on the template for each item that you order. (You the upload it yourself if you are buying to edit in Canva.) Sometimes the stars can detract from the text if they are too clustered. If this is the case, I use a section of your star map instead. The stars will therefore differ very slightly, but will still be the stars for your special day.

The price includes the time it takes for me to set up each of your individual star map, then the additional cost of each download is as low as I can make it. Of course, some involve more work than others and the cost reflects this.

You also need to select the type of font for both your titles and general text. I’ve deliberately chosen fonts that are very legible so that everyone should be able to read it without difficulty. If you have your heart set on a particular font, please DO contact me so I can see how I can help.

Your bespoke celestial wedding stationery arrives as downloads once I’ve completed the work for each order. They can then be either printed at home or by a professional printer.

Click here for an alternative Star map

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Title Text (for your names etc)

Style A, Style B, None – I will edit in Canva

General text (for lists etc)

Style C, Style D, None – I will edit in Cava


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