Pisces - Your Geometric Arrow

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A Mutable Sign

The 12th zodiac sign – here is the geometric arrow I designed for you. I incorporate quite a bit of information into the design so read on to find the secrets encoded in your arrow.

Pisces is one of the four MUTABLE signs (the other three being Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius) These mutable signs have adaptability in common but the trait shows in different ways. The sign of the fish tries to adapt to his or her own changing emotions as well as those of others.  The glyph or symbol for mutable is an arched line with a dot below in the middle. On Pisces’ arrow, you can find this symbol near the top.

A Water Sign

water element astrology chart showing Stargate resting on seabed with clear blue water
Water Element Astrology Chart

Pisces is a water sign – it lives and swims in the element of emotion. The glyph or symbol for this element is a downward pointing triangle. The other Water signs are Cancer and Scorpio. Water signs have strong instincts or gut feelings and are often intuitive and sensitive.  You can see the glyph or symbol for water near the bottom of the arrow

Ruling Planet(s)

Each sign of the Zodiac is ruled by a planet (or co-ruled by two). Pisces is now seen as being ruled by planet Neptune – but before this planet was discovered it was ruled by Jupiter.  All the planets of our solar system are in each person’s chart. Jupiter is the planet of expansion. Its symbol looks a little like a 4 with a line crossing the horizontal at the bottom. The more modern ruler of Pisces is the planet Neptune. (More water and emotion!) Neptune is magical and mystical. It is concerned with dreams, visions and spiritual desires.  Its symbol looks like a trident and you can find it on the arrow right on the centre line just above the Water triangle symbol.

Groups of Planets

The planets in a chart are described as personal (The “Luminaries” Sun and Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars) and are the more inner planets. Social planets come next (Jupiter and Saturn).   Transpersonal or outer planets are Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. (Yes, Pluto is now classed as a dwarf planet but it still functions as a planet in Astrology. Other bodies such as Eris, Ceres etc can also be taken into account in a chart.)  Pisces’ ruling planet of Neptune is a transpersonal planet so almost at the top of the arrow I have drawn three diagonal lines to show this. (I draw one for the personal, two for social and three for the transpersonal planets.)

Pisces’ Glyph

Astrology jewellery Pendant showing Zodiac sign of male Virgo as a Steampunk Character on a teal background

Although each sign has its own glyph or symbol, rather than stay traditional all the way I have incorporated my own idea into each arrow.  For Pisces I have diamond shaped fish. They are in black and white but Pisces can understand all the subtleties and nuances of grey between the two extremes of emotion. There are chevrons pointing to the circle around the fish. This is to show that Pisces respond and react very much to the environment and emotional atmospheres around them

Pisces Arrowhead

The arrowhead encompasses a black and white diamond, echoing the shape of the fish as it aims to expand consciousness.  At the bottom of the arrow Pisces and the vision of Pisces is represented by the rune Dagaz. This stands for breakthrough – allowing us to see the light of the Divine.

The constellation for Pisces completes the geometric design. The stars are drawn in blue to represent the sea and the watery element of emotion.

P.S. if you want to see the original inspiration for my Steampunk Pisces fish – here it is

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