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Yoga Astrology Chart


Available for an individual, a birth or an event. (NOT as a couples/synastry chart.)  Just complete the appropriate boxes below.

Each chart is drawn up as a unique and bespoke piece. It is only printed ONCE.  An exclusive, personalised chart makes a lovely gift on its own and is extra special when accompanied by a printed interpretation. There is a discount when both are purchased together.

For One Person or A Birth
For An Event
For Couples / Synastry / Compatibility


Here’s an Astrology Chart for all lovers of yoga.  I’ve chosen each asana for a reason. Some, like Scorpio or Pisces are obvious. Others spoke to me in a different way. For example – the tree/Vrksasana for Taurus?  You can’t get more grounded and in tune with nature than a tree or a strong Taurus type!

I created a colour wheel with six colours for better balance and harmony with the 12 signs – the higher vibration of violet is in the centre with the Ohm sign.

An Astrology Chart can be cast for a person or an event.  If you want a particular sign / asana in a different colour then please let me know when ordering your chart.

You can also order a report to accompany your chart. These are very in depth and  the more accurate the information you give me, the more accurate the report

Here is a link to FRYOG for anyone interested in yoga

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A4 for one person / event, A3


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