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Yoga Astrology Chart


Available for an individual, a birth or an event. (NOT as a couples/synastry chart.) Just complete the appropriate boxes below.

Each chart is drawn up as a unique and bespoke piece. It is only printed ONCE.

An exclusive, personalised chart makes a lovely gift on its own and is extra special when accompanied by a printed interpretation. There is a discount when both are purchased together – if buying chart and interpretation together, use the code COMBO at checkout to receive £10.00 off.

Please note that p+p will be added at checkout.

For One Person, A Birth or Event (Dates are in D/M/Y format)
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Here’s an Astrology Chart for all lovers of yoga. I’ve chosen each asana for a reason. Some, like Scorpio (Scorpion) or Pisces (the Fish)are obvious. Others spoke to me in a different way. For example – the tree/Vrksasana for Taurus? You can’t get more grounded and in tune with nature than a tree or a strong Taurus type!

Aquarius is fixed air, so for me the Eagle pose fits well. Aries likes to be first and is ruled by Mars. Warrior One seemed perfect for this fiery sign. Being ruled by the Moon, Cancer resonated well with the Half Moon pose, and so on.

I created a colour wheel with six colours for better balance and harmony with the 12 signs – the higher vibration of violet is in the centre with the Ohm sign.

An Astrology Chart can be cast for a person or an event. If you want a particular sign / asana in a different colour then please let me know when ordering your chart.

You can also order a report to accompany your chart. These are very in depth and the more accurate the information you give me, the more accurate the report

Here is a link to FRYOG for anyone interested in yoga

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A4 for one person / event, A3


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