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Heavenly Love Astrology Chart


Available for an individual, a birth or an event and also as a couples/synastry chart. Just complete the appropriate boxes below.

Once you have placed your order I will be in touch to see if you have preferences regarding text and/or photo on the chart

Each chart is drawn up as a unique and bespoke piece. It is only printed ONCE. An exclusive, personalised chart makes a lovely gift on its own and is extra special when accompanied by a printed interpretation. There is a discount when both are purchased together.

For a couple, the addition of a compatibility report would make a fantastic gift

For One Person or A Birth
For An Event
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A beautiful Astrology Chart that is really suited to couples. You also have the option of adding your choice of photo in the centre. (Obviously you need to send me the photo.) You can also use this style for individuals or an event – such as a wedding.

You only need to give the information for person 1 for an individual.

For an event, I can incorporate the town and date of your ceremony, first meeting etc and will be in contact with you about this when we sort the details of your chart together. When the chart is cast for an EVENT, there is no option for an additional report.

Given the information about both individuals I can cast the chart as a ‘synastry chart.’

This Astrology Chart is great for WEDDINGS, HANDFASTINGS, CIVIL CEREMONIES and other joining ceremonies and celebrations although there doesn’t have to be such an occasion for this chart to be drawn up.

We can discuss changing certain elements when an order is placed. I try to be certain that you receive the chart artwork you love.

For couples a Compatibility/Synastry report would complete the perfect gift

Out of interest here’s a link to the words of the hymn “Heavenly Love”

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